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My name is Mrs. Fobes and I am a computer science teacher here at Northern. I teach a variety of computer classes ranging from the actual building of computers and learning how computers actually operate in A+, telling a computer what to do (yes, it's true) in programming with C++ , designing and building an actual Web site with Web Page Design, and my new course for this year will be one stemming from our very own broadcast studio: Broadcast Media. So if you are leaning toward a career in some aspect of computers, one of these courses should make your futrure decision a little easier.

Click on the links at left or on the buttons below to go to my different sites. Each class site includes an introdution to the course materials,as well as a link to the class syllabus. I also have a page dedicated to nothing but "free" graphic sites (you know how I am about copyright issues!). Use them to find graphics for my class projects, or use them for other classes, but use them!

I also have links directly to Cisco and the IT technology we cover in A+, a link to our FBLA site, and I have provided a page for contact information. This page will include my class schedule and a way to email me.

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