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Web Page Syllabus

Course Length and Class Periods: Web Page Design is a half year, 6 day cycle, 1/2 credit class. Textbook: The students will have a textbook reference in class, but we will be using many teacher designed exercises/handouts as well.
My Expectations:
  • Come to class prepared to work every day
  • Come to class on time every day
  • Follow oral and written instructions
  • Complete assignments and care about the quality of these assignments
  • Apply knowledge to solve problems
  • Be cooperative and courteous
  • Be honest and dependable
  • Get along with peers
  • Respect each individualís right to learn
  • Have a positive attitude
Materials Needed:
  • Three ring binder with dividers and notebook paper
  • Pen and/or pencil
  • Class folder

Attendance is key for student understanding of the different computer applications. It is up to you to ask the instructor or a classmate about work that was missed. You have the same amount of time as days missed to make up any assignments.

Evaluation Criteria:
You will be graded on completion of class projects and exercises involving HTML coding and Web page development and design. Individual rubrics will be used to explain scores on the more advanced projects. You can turn an assignment back in with corrections made for a grade re-evaluation.

Work is done in-class. Exceptions are made for those students with extended absenses and for the class final. -5 points wilbe deducted for every day late except in cases of illness or other unforeseen circumstances. You will also be able to work from one of the computer labs or after school in my classroom if makeup time is needed.

Occasionally there will be a written exam, but for the most part class grades are based on projects and application exercises.
Grading Scale:
A= 93% B= 85-92% C= 77-84% D= 70-76% F= Below 70%

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